Alena Finance SA has been created in January 2000 in Geneva. Alena Finance SA is a multi National Financial, Marketing, Distribution and Services organisation. Since inception Alena Finance SA has been regulated and accounts have been audited.  
The Founder and Chief Executive is Frank Hämmerle.

Alena Finance SA started with Private Banking and Creation and Distribution of white label financial structured products. Alena Finance SA expanded its activities and today
Alena Finance SA focuses its activities on geographical poles with its respective partners: 

Abu Dhabi: Oil and Gas services, representation of companies and trading 
Since 2008 Alena Finance SA started to network in the UAE, successfully opened a Branch in Abu Dhabi and
got the Oil and Gas license from the Government of Abu Dhabi thanks to its local partner, Al Mazroui Group.

Oil and Gas services and General Trading
We are keen on receiving your business memo and requests. We act as arranger, as co-investor or as an advisor.

Representation of companies in Abu Dhabi or Dubai
We are keen on receiving your request for opening a Branch in the UAE,
we assist you in identifying a sponsor for you and all the necessary licenses to start to operate in the UAE and manage your Branch.  

Zurich and Dubai: Investment Banking and Private Banking
Our Investment and Private Banking activities are shared with our local partners.
We are all ex Senior Bankers with years of  experience in respective fields.
We are active in the Real Estate business worldwide.
We are welcoming your inquiries and requests for any type of financial transactions and activities. 

Brazil, Africa: Physical commodity trading
Soybeans, Coffee, juices and Sugar are the commodities that we get supply from our local producers,
we secure our trading transactions thru our local office managed by our lawyer.
We are keen on receiving your requests for the mentioned commodity.

ENERGY:  providing Turn key renewable Energy farms worldwide
We are keen on receiving your business memo and requests. We act as arranger, as co-investor or as an advisor.

Member of
Club Diplomatique of Geneva 
IMD Alumni Association
Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Dubai